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Sunrise yoga on the beach in Marbella

Updated: 21 hours ago

Marbella is known for golf, tennis, chic beaches, fabulous dining and nightlife. Things almost seem normal even now - most activities are open since almost everything takes place outside! Marbella also has lots of yoga studios, there is something for everyone. Why not participate in an outdoor yoga class during your holiday? Yoga outside, on a platform in the sea. Next to the beach without the sand. The calming sound of the waves enhances your practice and your wellbeing. Enjoy every morning sunrise yoga and meditation class on the el Faro beach in the center of Marbella - it is right in front of the lighthouse, the tourist office, the Da Bruno restaurant.

If you stay at our luxury apartment Sunny Corner Marbella, you will be steps from the beach and a short walk from this yoga class. You can just drop in and pay for a single class, everyone is welcome! Book your Marbella holiday through Airbnb for ease and flexibility, click on the link below to book Sunny Corner and Susan will be on hand to recommend lots of yoga possibilities during your stay!

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