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Welcome to the MarBella Playa apartments, our family accommodations in the most pleasant corner of Europe.

Enjoy a wonderful stay in the sun, with an infinity of activities at your doorstep.

Choose from 3 apartments, each one providing a unique experience of this coastal resort, with a pleasant microclimate for all outdoor activities. All year round, you will enjoy an incredible array of open-air beach restaurants, exotic botanical gardens, wellness spas, tennis courts, golf clubs and water sports.

Attention to detail, we take great care of each of these apartments and we are on call 7/7 to make sure you have everything you need.

Where are we?

Start planning your trip to Marbella today to enjoy the sun, outdoor living, sports, activities, style and sophistication of this unique destination in the world.
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Your sleep is important!
All our apartments have comfortable beds, professional linen service, electric blackout blinds, powerful air conditioning.