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Winter flowers, oranges and sun

Updated: Jan 14, 2022

There is a place on the southernmost tip of Europe, where you can live outdoors all year round. Golf and tennis, hiking and biking, you can enjoy playing outdoor sports in the sun all year. One of the added benefits of this great climate is that flowers and trees bloom all year round, cheering up the winter months. Where are we?

We love it when the orange trees are flowering, the fragrance is intoxicating! Every town has decorative orange trees planted along the main squares and streets. Just breathe in that heavenly perfume...

We are talking about Marbella of course! Hop on a quick flight and come down to visit for a few days of mid-winter sun.

Tour Marbella old town

This town is know for it's sunny skies and beaches... come for the golf, tennis or hiking, but don't forget to take a walk in the old town. Protected from the wind you can always find a warm sunny terrace to have a drink and admire the town's flower display!

During winter any sunny and sheltered area can explode in fireworks of color, bright purple and fuschia hues of bougainvillea. Oranges are ripe and decorate trees in every city and village. Cheerful blue flower pots with red geraniums add a happy touch to white walls in Marbella old town.


Estepona - the flowering city

For a fun day out, why park for free and not hire yellow bikes at Amarillo Cafe in the beautiful beach Guadalmansa community of Estepona and ride along the bike path, next to the bay out and back to visit the town.


Country hikes and wildflowers

January to April is the time to come to Andalucia for country hikes in the mountains. The weather is cooler and the wildflowers will enchant you. We have tons of itineraries for our guests, from half day walks to full day excursions. Be back at the apartment for seaview sunsets and cocktails on the terrace.


Discover flowers in winter from your home-base at MarBella Playa apartments!

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