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8 best Hamburgers in Marbella

Updated: Jan 18

What could be better than enjoying a juicy burger at an outdoor terrace on the Costa del Sol? We've done our homework and selected the best of the best for you!

Fantastic hamburger restaurant near #sunnycornermarbella apartment with lovely sunny terrace where
Gourmet Burger Room, Marbella

Where can I get the best hamburger in Marbella? Marbella has a vibrant and diverse food scene, mostly known for its beachfront dining and wonderful fresh seafood. However, after a few days of dining on fish, you might start craving something else. Take a break from the beach and go for a hamburger during your stay in Marbella! This blog post will answer your question: What is the best hamburger place in Marbella?


Smash burger with sea views - Brodernass

Rich and delicious hamburger with melted cheese designer bun and fried potatoes
Toroburger Banyus Hamburger with Cava Steam

Brodernass is in center Marbella on the Paseo Maritimo (they also have a restaurant in Puerto Banus/Nueva Andalusia, in a shopping center, we prefer to eat right on the Paseo!).

Smash burgers with creatiive toppings and all the extras, sweet potato fries. You can choose between 100g or 200g versions, they are juicy and messy but you can hold the whole thing in your hands to eat! Our favorite is the "dirty burger" with sour cream, chives bacon, cheese and jalepenos.

What could be better than watching the world go by from this sunny terrace, with a hamburger in your hands!

The Ultimate Binge - Toroburger

Rich and delicious hamburger with melted cheese designer bun and fried potatoes
Toroburger Banyus Hamburger with Cava Steam

Toroburger is in center Marbella on the Paseo Maritimo. Imagine a volcano of melted cheese and toppings, over a top quality medium rare beef burger, with stylized and creative buns. These hamburgers are impossible to pick up they are so overloaded with cheese and toppings. An exponential binge. The location is great, steps from the Paseo with beautiful sea view if you sit outside. They have an incredible menu and hamburgers with very creative and binge-worthy toppings such as croquettes, onion rings, guacamole, their special basil mayonnaise.. The buns are "branded" and flavored. You can't eat this with your hands!

Toroburger is the epitomy of "splurge", and they also have outrageous milk shakes that overflow the glass and incredible desserts. Who has room for these after a burger like that?

Check out their Insta


The Best Classic - Gourmet Burger Room

a hamburger with toasted seed bun and tzatsiki sauce red onion and pickled peppers
Gourmet Burger Room Tzatziki Hamburger

Just around the corner from Toro Burger is a big competitor - Gourmet Burger Room has top quality burgers and a more classic presentation. These you can (just barely) pick up and eat with your hands. Gourmet Burger Room offers a number of alternatives to beef, including vegetarian, chicken, pork, lamb... and pulled pork or boneless spare-ribs on a bun.

Pleasant terrace that gets the sun all day and is out of the wind. Really good Caesar Salad for those who don't want a hamburger! Chipolte mayonnaise = delicious!

Check out their Insta!


Coolest Spanish Chain - Goiko

hamburger with chopped pork and cheese on a fluffly toasted bun with sesame seeds
Pig Mama Burger at Goiko

A true Spanish story: started by a Venezuelan/Basque in Madrid who changed careers from being a doctor (!) to opening a high quality hamburger chain. Cool, young vibe and creative hamburgers, constant new recipes, urban atmosphere. No outdoor seating, this restaurant feels like an American chain.

Goiko is on Boulevard Soriano in the business/notary district. The burgers are juicy and creative the toppings are luscious. The atmosphere is less personal than Gourmet Burger and Toro Burger, you have the "chain" feel, smoked glass windows, neon lights, paper table-set menus.

Check out their Insta!


Best Location - Jack's Smokehouse

Best location and best DJ... This place is right on the chic Puerto Banus port, surrounded by the Hermes, Dior and other designer shops... Watch beautiful people strolling by, window shop before your meal, admire the yachts, fancy cars. Come night time the DJ might be playing the latest hits from the DJ nest above the bar.

A boat docked in front of jack's smokehouse american restaurant
Jack's Smokehouse Puerto Banus

An American restaurant, specializing in ribs but with great hamburgers also..right on the port, in chic Puerto Banus. Beautiful retro-modern open air dining room with water views and front-line people-watching.

Watch the ferraris and yachts, beautiful people dressed up in designer clothes, while digging in to your burger and fries. Jack's Smokehouse also has great American breakfast and brunch. This restaurant has a DJ "cage", built up high over the bar, and some evenings the DJ show can be really fun. Loud, brash, in your face, this barbecue joint has a definite Puerto Banus nightlife vibe compared to it's rather discreet Marbella cousins.

Check out their insta


The Most American - Café Yanx

chili burger with red onions sesame bun french fries and beer
Chili burger and Budweiser at Cafe Yanx

Cafe Yanx is an American restaurant in the shopping center next the Puerto Banus bullring, on the mountain side of the A7 highway. This neighborhood is very popular on Saturday mornings when the Puerto Banus flea market takes place - clothing, scarves, shoes, leather ware, sunglasses, everything you can imagine including pure silk scarves for 12 euros. The terrace is pleasant and food sizes are generous! We really don't like the fact that they put loud pop music already at breakfast... depending on what you did the night before, you might want a more zen atmosphere with your coffee and pancakes! But for lunch and dinner - for a mid day hamburger - this place is great!

Check out their insta:



Best Beach Burger - The Beach House

Eat on the beach with sea views and great live music concerts.

gourmet hamburger for 27 euros at the beach house with cheese bacon onion tomato and lettuce
Prime Angus Burger at The Beach House 26,50

Fantastic beach restaurant on a beautiful beach in Elviria to the East of Marbella. English vibe, chic decoration, good food, white tablecloths, good wine and cocktails, live music, it's expensive, for a special afternoon or evening. It's a great view, great music, white tablecloths on the beach, and great hamburger. For almost 30$.

Check out their insta


The Most Columbian - Cafe Colombia Calahonda

Fusion south American cuisine at this tiny family run Colombian restaurant easy to reach along the A7 highway in Calahonda. Ok we are not exactly in Marbella, but just over the border!

columbian hamburger sandwich with yukka fries and exotic salad
Arepo Burger at Sol Cafe in Calahonda

Sol Cafe is a little bit of Colombia in southern Spain. The family that runs it is adorable and so enthusiastic about their authentic food. The menu includes only typical dishes, with typical home made bread, and ingredients not commonly found in Europe like yukka and cassava and plaintain fries...

The meat dishes are fantastic like the roasted pork belly.. And they offer a colombian Arepa burger with colombian fries and salad, delicious and different. Everything is very fresh, the cooking is home made and proud. Small little slice of heaven next to the highway on the A7!

Check out their insta


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