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The Best Beach Clubs in Elviria, Marbella

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

Did you know that the best beaches in Marbella, are a bit outside of town to the east in Elviria? That is where you will find Nikki Beach, and the Don Carlos and Marriott hotels with lots of restaurant options, water sports, easy access (lots of neighborhood parking). Chiringuitos are beach restaurants that serve seafood and Spanish cuisine on the beach, for lunch around 2:30 pm or dinner at 9:30 pm! But most have kitchen open all day from breakfast til midnight.



Famous and chic

$$$$ The most famous chic beach is Nikki Beach. Clients take their yacht from Puerto Banus to spend the day here drinking champagne, enjoying live music parties great food and beautiful people. It is not cheap but maybe worth it for a fantastic day splurge and champagne lunch.


British and Trendy

$$$ The Beach House is a favorite of English expats and guests. Great live music and concerts, every Sunday there is a beach party at 3pm! Wonderful restaurant with white tablecloths and live music at night. Very special place, be sure to reserve ahead in summer.


French, Belgian, cool vibes & DJs

$$$ Casanis plage has Belgian owners and attracts Belgian and French clientèle. Very chic and high in demand in the summer. The decor is tropical and the food is good.


Expat Favorite, live music at lunch

$$$ Siroko is a bit outside of Elviria but a great spot to spend a day. They often have a live saxophone player who comes by at lunch time and gets the atmosphere pumped! Excellent food lovely beach and comfy lounge chairs, they give a drink and a towel with your day on the chair.

Marbesa beach sunsets

$$ Simbad is a fantastic restaurant in Marbesa on a beautiful historic site with plenty of parking. The new owners have really improved the restaurant and have now made improvements and extensions to the beach. Sea views from every table. Open-fire barbecue fish. Excellent food, great views, perfect spot to spend a day - not many beach chairs but the gorgeous terrace is a lovely place to spend the afternoon.

Chiringuitos in Elviria, Marbella East

$ Other beaches in the area are much cheaper than these famous ones, and just as good! For 6 euros a day you can get a sunchair and umbrella and spend a wonderful day. Merendero Cristina, El Laurel have excellent typical Spanish cooking go for the gambas pil pil, the sardines cooked over the open fire on skewers, the paella and the fish in salt crust. Restaurante Perla Blanca is one of our favorites.

To enjoy all these beaches within walking distance, you can stay at our Honeymoon Suites boutique studios, right on the best beach in Elviria!


Enjoy all these beach attractions, stay with us!

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